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    Manuel B Abrodos

    Teacher & journalist


    Hola! Hello! Hei! Olá!


    I am a teacher in Spanish language and literature with a background in journalism, communication and education


    Fast learner, hard worker, very passionate in all what I do, extremely responsible, sociable, kind, eager to improve and highly creative


    I speak perfect Spanish and Galician, impressive Norwegian, very good English and some Portuguese too. I also speak a lot!


    What is worth it: music all the time, a football match, to travel anywhere, those moments with the people I love, cats and dogs, good videogames and books, to walk in a cloudy day, the beaches in Galicia, snowboarding hiking in Norway, a lot of fishing, that cup of coffee that becomes later wine or beer, to write whatever, to paint something, a free while to cook good food, to always drink the life!


    Education and employment history

    Master's degree in Teaching in Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and Languages

    Universidad Internacional de Valencia - Valencia, Spain

    September 2014 - June 2015

    • Specialization: Spanish language and literature

    • Courses: Learning and personality development; Educational processes and contexts; Society, family and education; Disciplinary training in Spanish lessons; Didactics and methods in Spanish lessons; Teaching innovation and education research; Teaching strategies for education on equality, diversity and social inclusion

    • Teacher training: 3 months at Wang Toppidrett Skole i Oslo

    • Master's thesis paper on a Spanish learning unit designed for Norwegian secondary students. Final grade: 9,1 out of 10

    Master's degree of Philosophy in Nordic Media

    Universitetet i Oslo - Oslo, Norway

    August 2012 - January 2015

    • Courses: Nordic Media in an international perspective, methods in media research, Freedom of expresion - discourses, principles and practices, Media Innovations and Internet Content Regulation

    • Thesis paper: Printing Radio! An audience research experiment looking for new ways of global textual services. Final grade: B

    Course for teachers of Spanish as a second language

    Instituto Hemingway - Bilbao, Spain

    January - July 2013

    • Contents: Methodological theories of Spanish as a second language, linguistic skills, methodology, and applied didactics

    • Thematic blocks: MCER Curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and European Portfolio, curriculum develpment, Spanish language, and evaluation

    • Practical application: prepare and give lessons, elaboration of schedule

    Bachelor's degree in Information Sciences

    Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Madrid, Spain

    October 2004 - June 2009

    • Academic Plan 2003. 327 passed ECTS credits. Final grade: 2,61 out of 4
    • Contents: journalism, media industry, communication, semiotics, new technologies, media law and marketing

    Spanish Teacher

    Wang Toppidrett Videregående Skole - Oslo, Norway

    Current position - Spanish language and literature classes in secondary education. Teaching and preparation of lessons, program supervision and evaluation. Department of English and Languages

    • Academic years 2018-21: teacher of Spanish Levels 1/1+2 and 2 for VG1 and VG2, examen preparation, examiner & external examiner
    • Academic year 2017-18: teacher of Spanish Level 1/1+2 for VG1 and 1+2 for VG2. Special education lessons for VG3, responsible teacher in the study trip to England, external examiner
    • Academic year 2016-17: teacher of Spanish Level 1 and 1+2 for VG1, substitute teacher for VG2 and VG3 groups, and special education lessons for VG2 students
    • Academic year 2015-16: substitute teacher at all levels 

    Spanish Teacher

    Wang Ung Oslo Ungdomskole - Oslo, Norway

    Current position - Spanish language and literature classes in secondary education. Teaching and preparation of lessons, program supervision and evaluation. Department of Languages

    • Academic year 2018-19: teacher of Spanish Level 1 for 8.trinn (8th grade) and 9.trinn (9th grade)

    Private teacher

    Ungdomsakademiet - Oslo, Norway

    March 2017 - October 2020 - Freelance private teacher in Spanish. Private tuitions and homework help for pupils in the Oslo area

    • Teaching, preparation of lessons, course supervision and follow-up for students with difficulties or lack of motivation with the subject

    Part-time teacher

    Language Power International academy - Oslo, Norway

    November 2015 - October 2016 - Freelance teacher in Spanish and English. Preparation of lessons, evaluation and course supervision

    • October 2016: A1 Spanish intensive group course, 2 weeks, Aula International book and own materials 
    • March 2016: Private Spanish course, adult student, A1 level, 2 week duration, Aula Internacional book and own materials
    • November - December 2015: English course "Engelsk til barn", 11 & 12-year-old Norwegian children, A2 level, 8 week duration, specific goal was to develop interest and motivation for English language

    Assistant teacher in Spanish

    Sydney Academy High School - Sydney, NS, Canada

    October 2011 - Assistance to the teacher of Spanish courses in Grades 10 and 11, with approximately 25 students per classroom

    • Preparation and leadership of workshops, teaching of lessons, collaboration in exams and cultural and converational didactics
    • Pedagogic support for students enroled in the Nova Scotia International School Board in collaboration with Red Leaf SL

    International English program coordinator

    Red Leaf SL - Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Nova Scotia; Canada

    Summer 2009 - Summer 2010 - Autumn 2011 - Working as a Group Leader with large groups of Spanish students in 3 different English inmersion programs in Canada.

    • Student Program Coordinator: supervision and organization of activities, academic calendar control, chaperoning and tutoring students development, collaborating and assisting the school boards in the provinces, mediation and conflict resolution working with the local responsibles, volunteering at high schools 

    International English program coordinator

    King's College International - Twickenham, London, UK

    July - August 2011 - Supervising PALE immersion programme in foreign language provided by the goverment of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

    • Collaboration and mediation skills between the agency, LAL London Language Centres and the Valencian Goverment
    • Leading activities and studies, conflict resolution, responsible of 4 groups of 25 adult teachers during 2 months 

    Shop assistant employee

    Travel Retail Norge AS - Gardermoen, Norway

    April 2014 - September 2018 - Wine, spirits and beer seller at Travel Retail Norge AS in the Heinemann’s Duty Free shops at Oslo-Gardermoen Airport

    • Two weekends a month, different tasks and responsibilities depending on the work shift and the store 

    VIP waiter

    Ullevål Business Class AS - Oslo, Norway

    March - October 2014 - Service work at the Ullevål Stadium: VIP waiter in the Vålerenga IF games and the Norwegian national football team's matches during the season 2014/15. Two evenings a month

    Employee and bartender

    Nodee AS - Oslo, Norway

    October 2013 - April 2014 - Service work at Nodee restaurant: serving meals and drinks, coffee and coktails elaboration, assistance in wardrobe and storage logistics

    Cultural reporter (volunteering)

    Radio Nova Norge - Oslo, Norway

    September - December 2013 - Member of the program Snakker Ikke Norsk, broadcasted on Sundays from 16h-17h on the FM 99,3 in Oslo and online worldwide

    • Culture reporting: sports, music, travels, education, leisure time, etc. Tasks: editing pieces, live reports, studio talks, voice recording for dramas, social networks and blog texts  

    Economic journalist

    Gestiona Radio SL - Madrid, Spain

    November 2010 - June 2011 - Producer, editor and reporter in Gran Angular program.

    • Tasks: finantial markets reporting, economic news coverage, press management, marketing and advertisement recording, working as corporative voice in the radio station. Website editor

    Local radio journalist

    Radio Villalba - Collado Villalba, Madrid, Spain

    February 2005 - June 2009 - Sports editor in chief of the radio station, voice for institutional commercials, and collaborator in news services and different cultural broadcastings and events

    • Creator, director and reporter of the shows Deportivo Deporte, Deportivo Basket and Deportivo Ciclista with live matches broadcasting. Frequent collaborator in Calle Real magazine. Also responsible for the new interns training, season 2005-2006

    Communication level and skills


    Mother tongue

    Reading C2 - Listening C2 - Writing C2 - Speaking C2



    Mother tongue

    Reading C2 - Listening C2 - Writing C2 - Speaking C2


    Norwegian (Bokmål)

    Proficient user, advanced level

    Reading C1 - Listening C1 - Writing C1 - Speaking C1

    (Passed eksam with grade A, NORA0130 Mellomkurs Norsk Trinn 3)



    Independent user, upper intermediate level

    Reading B2 - Listening B2 - Writing B2 - Speaking B2



    Independent user, intermediate level

    Reading B1 - Listening B1 - Writing A2 - Speaking A2



    Relevant projects and publications

    Presentation of an introductory lesson of Spanish language that I designed with Prezi for Norwegian beginner students with no previous background. Topic is Spanish compared to Norwegian, similarities and differences

    I am delighted to inform that my Master's thesis paper of Philosophy in Nordic Media has been now edited and released in book format by Lambert Academic Publishing 

    Presentation of an introductory lesson of Spanish language that I designed with Prezi for English beginner students with no previous background. Topic is the alphabet, its phonetics and orthography


    I am also available as a private tutor in Oslo area and worldwide via Skype!

    Take contact if you want to arrange individual or group tuitions at any time or venue

    Spanish, English or Norwegian lessons, exams preparation and homework help

  • BLOG

    "You can make anything by writing" - C. S. Lewis

    [EN] I was one day lying on the green field of a park at the city, looking the blue summer sky and the clouds. And then I began to think about how cool they looked and how quickly they changed their shapes throught the sunlight. That is how the idea of this new landscape painting came to my mind....
    August 29, 2021
    [EN] This painting shows a random landscape somewhere in the north of the world. I tried to create the view of a snowy valley in Northern Norway, in the darkness of the night, reflecting the mystic light of the northern lights. I called it "Polar night". MBA
    August 29, 2021
    [EN] This painting was an experiment to try to paint in a way the wind and its strength. I imagined a tree heavy shaked by strong autumn winds, in a rather cold and melancholic atmosphere. MBA
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